Tuesday, May 26, 2009


1 - I'm addicted to True Blood. Well, not to the drink, but to the show named after the drink. But the drink isn't real - so it's pretty obvious, thus my saying that it's the show, not the drink, seems rather redundant. We just upgraded out cable for HBO to watch the next season coming this summer.

2 - Surgical Technology starts in August and I'm pretty excited. I need to get a few things done before it starts in August, because they require all this medical stuff. I'll need to get in shape too, because I've got a bad back and this job requires a lot of standing.

3 - Mara's walking around like crazy now. Sometimes she gets over excited about it and goes a little too quickly and topples over. She's always right back up and back at it, though.

4 - I'm going to call a martial arts place in Rochester. They have BJJ and MMA, so I'm going to see about those.

5 - I'm on a boat; you can't stop me.

(6) - I forgot to turn off no script, and I couldn't figure out where the Publish Post button was. Then I remembered it's probably blocked (this is unnecessary to tell anyone, but I'm feeling kind of bored, so I figured I'd toss it in).

Friday, February 27, 2009


I had posted some things I wanted to do a while ago - and I thought I'd update on them, since I've had some changes come up!

  1. Get a job!
  2. Lose 35-40 lbs
  3. Get into the Surgical Technology program
  4. Hear Mare Bear talk
  5. Watch every single UFC fight starting at UFC 1

1 - Got a job; I'm not sure how much I'll be working - but anything is better than nothing. The main reason I'm not working full time, though, is because I'm taking care of the Bear full time now - which is good :)

2 - I've actually lost maybe 5 lbs so far. Which kind of surprises me.

3 - I got in. Just found out today.

4 - does "aa da da da da aaa dadadadada" count? ;)

5 - I've watched quite a few. To be honest, it can get a little boring because so many fights are kind of boring. But I've been watching every UFC event that comes up now. This last one on Spike was actually phenomenal; there were some amazing fights.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some things I want to do

Ok... Well I decided to start a random blog to just post junk in.

Anyway - there are a few things I'm hoping to do this year, so I figured I'd make a small list:
  1. Get a job!
  2. Lose 35-40 lbs
  3. Get into the Surgical Technology program
  4. Hear Mare Bear talk
  5. Watch every single UFC fight starting at UFC 1
I can't remember what else right now, but maybe I'll edit them is as I go.

For the job, I've got an interview at PetSmart tomorrow; nothing super exciting but if it pays for Mara's Daycare, then that's $700 a month don't have to worry about.

For the weight, I'm around 205-210 right now (I hover around in there), I want to get in some decent shape and start fitting back into my clothing.

The Surgical Tech I basically just have to wait and hear. 25 people get in for the semester, so it depends on how many people are signed up and how many people are eligible to get in.

Mare Bear talking is obviously just something she'll do, but it will be cool to actually know she's really saying something to us and not just babbling. Like being able to just say "hi", and knowing what it means.

The UFC thing? Well I'm a huge UFC fan, however I didn't really start watching until a couple years ago. I watched here and there and kinf of forgot about it, but I really got into it again watching The Ultimate Fighter season with Rampage vs Forrest. Now I'll watch it all day if it's on SPIKE - and I keep up with every UFC event, and I try to keep up with the WEC too.

Anyway, I'd like to go back to the start (UFC 1) and kind of watch the sport evolve and see all figthers throughout the years.

Anyway - that's really it. I wanted to get a post in here and make a small list.